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It has been nearly ten years since the foundation of Suzhou Brightech Co., Ltd. From the venture so far, nearly ten years, with the concern, support and help from all the community friends and customers, also ,of course, the joint efforts of all staff , Brightech has made significant growth and improvement from volume to the capacity of all the corresponding aspects. Now our business involving daily chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other industries, various categories of products and services, and the capabilities of system integration has become the company's core competitiveness.

Since the formation of Brightech, we unremitting keep adhering to the faith of "dedicating innovative" as the spirit culture of enterprise, implementing the creed of "customer driven, technology leadership, quality-oriented" as business philosophy , holding high all employee’s interests as the standpoint , targeting on revitalizing national industry. With all the staff diligent devoting , hard working ahead , we trying to benefit customers and the community at our best. Recent years, Brightech has made brilliant achievements in the industrial of technological innovation modular production and assembled engineering , has been widely recognized by customers. Customer satisfaction is always our greatest motivation. Brightech will always perform at the frontier of customer service, providing high-quality and most efficient service in the future course of development !

In the next stage, Brightech will create a strong domestic manufacturing and service base, while fully exploring the international market, and gradually form a perfect international marketing network. The next five years, 16 subsidiaries will be set up around the world through joint ventures, cooperation, financing, etc. , including two manufacturing base, initially establishing a manufacturing, R & D, service integrated progressing model that based on domestic manufacturing center, anchoring to European R & D center as a driving force, covering Asia , Africa, Europe, the United States .

Holding high the creed : coming down to earth, dedicating to career, sticking to the reality, targeting high with ambitious!
Confronting future , we believe in faith: Adhering to hard working creed, indomitable fighting spirit, Brightech is capable of building up a top international enterprises providing high-quality service for our customers!
Brightech is ready to cooperate with you hand in hand marching forward, and jointly realizing a brilliant prospect!
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