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Suzhou Brightech Co., Ltd Changshu manufacturing plant, located in the ancient town baimao West Bridge No. 50, Changshu City.

Changshu factory follow the rules

A: production safety come first, staff induction examination, occupational disease prevention, the daily morning meeting, weekly meetings, in addition to the arrangement and summarize related work, all of the safety training of workers, so everyone tells safe production, always pay attention .

B: organization, together with the head office staff, to expand sports, providing cohesion and solidarity of workers, ensure the health of workers.

C: to ensure the health of employees, weekly weekend, dormitory with air-conditioning, water heaters, and set the room, rest time can sing, play billiards, enrich their spare time.


 Under the leadership of the headquarter, as a powerful assist and complement to Brightech, the production base in Changshu has been always adequate to fulfill all the task in both high quality and required quantity. All the stuff dedicated with enthusiasm, passion and strive to create greater benefits for the company!


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