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Suzhou Brightech was founded in January 7th in 2009 with registered capital of 27 million. As a science and technology research and development company focusing on non-standard equipment productive module designing, manufacturing and verification, with auto-control assembly system as main business core, Brightech repute as the leading role in design capability and pipe process assemble field. With a research and development central located at shengpu town, which assembly workshop covers an area of 12000 ㎡, our existing employees occupation is 110 , 40%  of which is research personnel.

As a high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province ,our company won the the technology innovation fund for small businesses subordinated to the Ministry of Science and Technology . At present, we possesses 15 Independent intellectual property rights of patents, GC2 pressure pipeline and D1 \ D2 pressure vessel manufacturing license and ASME certification through the United States, we also authorized as daily chemical industry association members in Jiangsu Province. What’s more, by cooperating with many outstanding universities ,we have been able to conduct fruitful achievements in the field of biological cell culture.

We are the only designated subcontractor company in China for TETRA PAK ;
We are designer and manufacturer of many kind of independent production modules for Beijing Leadman (LEADMAN), Changzhou Unnamed Heaven, Pfizer (PFIZEN), Hisun Pharmaceutical (HISUN), L'Oreal (LOREAL FRANCE) cosmetics company, Intery cosmetics company, Kraft food (KRAFT FOODS), Procter & Gamble (P & G), Colgate (GSK), Johnson & Johnson (JOHNSON-JOHNSON) and other well-known companies .

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